A Sister Council that Anchors and Expands your Sacred Work

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As a seasoned practitioner, you have learned that the conventional ways of running your business are not aligned with your values. 


You have strong convictions and are willing to question yourself AND listen to the answers. 


You know the importance of untethering from your own conditionings and repairing the closures around your Heart to be your most expressed self.


 You know there are ebbs and flows of creativity, and that there is a driving force within your Soul that is constantly conspiring you forward to embody your greatness.


And you are ready for the next octave of your Remembrance, where your Devotional Truths stabilize your Priestessing and Sacred Work.

Revealing Your Devotions Opens What’s Possible for You

Devotion is Depth, it is Connection. 

It is that which you long for and it is the fuel for your change-making work.

And it is that which you see is so desperately lacking in the World, and that which you know must be centered for right relationship to root.

You are in partnership with the Divine and it is time to reveal your deeper Devotions, as they offer clarity and strengthen your heart-felt convictions. 

I know you feel the ache of thousands of years of perpetration against the Sacred Feminine (in women’s bodies, on Gaia, etc), and I also know that your service and contributions heal this desecration.

It is time for you to fully embody as a Medicine Woman, Bridge Walker, Truth Teller.

In these ever changing times and as you evolve, you know that Mentorship and Sisterhood are the Grace that can radially shift you into Alignment.
✷ You overextend yourself and get loosey with your boundaries.
✷ You disregard your body and get caught in the cycle of hustling and non-stop doing.

✷ You are dependent on launch after launch, and your body is feeling the toll of this.

✷ You devalue your worth and your gifts that you have meticulously tended.

 ✷ You feel disconnected or disengaged from your work, like it's on autopilot.

✷  You are scared of your own power, your own leadership and you hold back.

✷ You are so caught up in the busy that you have forgotten your Devotional Path.

✷  You are hiding intrinsic parts of yourself that make you the epic woman you are.

When you catch yourself in any of these patterns, it makes you realize that you want MORE.

You see clearly what you wish to opt-out of and what you wish to choose.
You are ready to throw away the learned and dysfunctional patterns surrounding how you work, and with full agency, follow your intuitive impulses that are directives from the Divine.

Because you don’t fit into a templated mold (and you never will). What works for others in the mainstream doesn't resonate with you.


Entering into a Temple Sanctuary, surrounded by other Women who are meticulously committed to opening their Hearts and sharing their most vulnerable layers, knowing that is foundational for their work.


 Receiving reflection that supports you to unearth who you are, what your place is, and how to use your Earthwalk for betterment.

Gaining clarity from the Soul of your Business on every choice and decision so you are freed up to be the conduit and the Mentor/Teacher/Coach/Artist.

 Feeling confident to claim your worth, value, and significance and therefore expanding your offerings and your income.

 Increasing your Financial Abundance so it represents your expertise.

 Removing yourself from fast-paced, hustle culture, following mainstream business templates and opening to ALLOWANCE, FLOW, ABUNDANCE and EASE.

A space for your most vulnerable inquiries ~
What is my destiny?
Who am I to express?
Am I in resonance with Truth?
Am I out of integrity and in ego?
Is it safe to Reveal?
 Learning necessary teachings of how to be resourced and stay resourced , meaning that you will learn to prioritize your own self and grant permission for your satisfaction and joy.

Within 4 months in Sister Council, you will weave 3D Business and Marketing + Emotional Shadow Work + Somatic Education and Ceremonial Artistry to honor/feel/embody the depth of your Devotions.

The Reveal Council is a combination of extraordinary honest Sisterhood, Mentorship, Priestess Curriculum and Tools, all held in a sacred energetic temple of benevolent beings, ancestors, and guides.

"I have never opened a program like this before with quite this much attention, devotion, consciousness, love. Like, I am really paying attention to the Blueprint and all the pieces so it does feel like an uplifted expansion."
"I had 100 women sign up for my masterclass and 16 have signed up! Enjoying my business again."
"As I am re-engaging myself into my soul work, 2 clients came my way today. With that inspiration, I spoke with an illustrator for my logo, scheduled a meeting with a web designer - all of this was a beautiful reminder to trust magic again…"

What’s Included:

Twice a month Live Mentorship - you will be provided 1:1 support to root into your Truths and gain clarity on how to guide the sacred through you


Priestess Curriculum and Devotional Practices


Online Private Group support Monday - Friday for every Grail Inquiry, quick decision, and internal process that arises


Sisterhood Reflection, Wisdom, Council, and Love


Questions and Answers that may be present:

I honor you as you Reveal your Soul Self.
Together, We are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For.
 Your Leadership and unique gifts based on your specific frequency are essential at this time.  
Devotion is the Key that Unlocks your Truth and others’ Liberation.
Our World needs your Love and your Nurturance, to uplift others and bring healing.
 You are part of the Dream Team. The prophecies throughout time and space have been inviting you, through all lifetimes, to this Now moment.

Your Soul Work is Revolutionary.

Thank you.

The investment for Reveal is $5800 paid in full or 4 monthly payments of $1510 .

If the Council is for you, I invite you to fill out an application. 

There are 13 spaces within our Transformational Council and we open spaces as they are available.

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