A Sacred Revolution

At this Great Turning of the Ages, the Invitation is Clear.

Initiate Yourself.

Claim your Womb Sovereignty.

Relearn the Ancient Ways of Tending and Nourishing your Wombspace.

Anchor the Sacred Within.

For centuries, the patriarchal powers have infiltrated the Temple of the Holy Feminine, desperately trying to devastate the chambers of the sacred, in order to exert dominion.

The intensity has heightened.


Over 11 days while Venus, as the Morning Star resides at the Rose Gate of the Wombspace, we embody Her Wisdom and the Myth of Inanna.

It is here that Inanna removes her ankle bracelets and releases all of the ways in which she no longer truly values herself.

A Woman’s Womb has been devalued over and over.

Not anymore.


Womb Temple 1

The Womb as Sacred Vessel:
The Holy Origins and the Red Thread of Lineage

Womb Temple 2

The Moon and Womb:
Maturity of Maiden to Mother

Womb Temple 3

 Plant Healing For Vitality & Sensuality:
Herbal Medicine for the Womb

Womb Temple 4

Unveiling the Shadows within your Wombspace:
Cultural and Ancestral Trauma in the Womb

Womb Temple 5

Q & A + Mentorship

Womb Temple 6

Flower Essences for Repairing Trauma Imprints:
From Wound to Wholeness

Womb Temple 7

Sacred Ritual Practices for the Wombspace:
Channeled by Mary Magdalene

Womb Temple 8

Womb Activism:
Restoring Freedom as an Agent of Change


In In This Initiation you will:

Deepen your Divine Partnership with your Wombspace (physical and energetic) for
an expansive understanding of POWER

▼ Learn how to navigate the unseen veils of Trauma that create disease, discomfort, and unhealthy patterns.

Receive ceremonial tools honoring holy blood and you as a bearer of Life and Death

 Access the wisdom of plants and their miraculous healing capabilities
Infuse your life with ancient-present feminine technologies to enhance your vitality,
creativity, sexuality, and Soul Dreams

▼ Grow in Sisterhood as a Womb Keeper for Women’s Reproductive Freedoms 

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