In The


Reclaim Your Most Embodied, Magickal, And Fully Expressed Soul-led Life

The World is Calling You Forward.

To Remember and Expand. Serve and Love.

Your Heart holds the Keys to this Sacred Fulfillment.

Within your Heart swirls a holy golden elixir, bringing forth the sweetness and joy that you Seek and which Seeks You.


The bees come swarming, buzzing around to sip this nectar.


Their unique hive vibration lifts your frequency.





Opening you.

Repairing the pains.

Caressing the tender.

Amplifying  your confidence.

Coaxing you as Guide and Mentor.





As your Heart’s Truth expands,

You are nourished and refined. 


You know exactly who you are….



Peace Maker

Lover of Gaia

Bridge Walker

Business Owner

Medicine Woman

Earth Wisdom Keeper


You are Love and Honey in the Heart.

Reclaim Your Most Embodied, Magickal, And Fully Expressed Soul-led Life and Business.

There is a Matrix of Your Heart. 

A beautiful sacred grid that houses the Divine Blueprint attuned to your ability to Love.

And it is what calls you forward, inspiring you to live a meaningful life, connected to Soul and Gaia, and in service to others.

It asks you to create significance and reverence in the World.

To leave goodness for the next generation while honoring your Ancestors who walked before you. 

This Matrix offers an energetic signature in which you make Loving a priority

The records of unconditional love become imprinted through you. 

From this place, your capacity for joy, contentment, Magick-making, and your impact in the World magnifies.

Your artistry is received, and lives changed

When you allow the sweet Truth of your Love to permeate through your life, there is a heightened flow of your Soul’s expression and you know / feel that you are in alignment, which just feels so so so good. 

You move out of Lack and into Abundance.


If you feel that you are not quite living from an open heart and are swimming in wounded beliefs, you are not alone.


If it were that easy, every woman’s life would look different than it does right now. 

What often happens is that the closures around your heart and the trauma imprints from the past seem to be your default setting, even when this is not what you actually want.

The cultural conditioning to negate the depth of your emotional healing and rather to focus on outward success can get the best of you. 

You find that you often move from reaction, rather than patient response because you are overwhelmed and under-nourished, emotionally.

You let yourself become small and insignificant to make others around you comfortable with you.

Rather than living in this expanded field of the I AM Loving presence, you are tolerating or becoming lazy in your life.

You feel disconnected and often, the different one.

And your precious Soul work, that which inspires you and makes your heart swoon, is suffering because of these challenges and blockages.


Perhaps these thoughts and experiences are present:

* Who am I to be more fully expressed as a Priestess, Practitioner, or as Medicine Woman? 

* I show up and I "do the things" but don't really see things moving forward so I'm constantly questioning "What's wrong with me?" or "What more could I be doing?"

* I hold myself back because I am afraid of failure, being seen as greedy, and/or succeeding.

* My boundaries are loose or non-existent and I feel resentment towards my work and clients.

* I'm still pressured by external judgements or expectations that tell me I "should" be happy with what I have... and not to tip the boat for more.

* I find myself undercharging  ... I don't feel worthy of the money I desire to make and don't believe it can really happen for me.

* I am constantly people pleasing or care taking which pushes me to exhaustion, overwhelm, and burn-out.

All of this creates a level of internal collapse, misalignment, and self-judgment.  

You perpetuate lies to feel “safe” and stay comfortable and yet, you are yearning to expand into the deliciousness of you.

Wanna know what is amazing?

Everything is repairable.


The Honey in your Heart is alive. 

 It is swirling within, waiting for an opening where it can overflow in Abundance. 

As you incarnated, it alchemized through all your Ancestors, desiring for your Life to be committed to Love. 

Honey is the great Immortal Elixir. 

And will grant you a life of health, vitality, and connection should you choose to imbibe this innate nectar. 

Yes, to get to the honey there may be some stings, but those help you stay awake and Remember.

Honey is the food for future generations as it is encoded with the wisdoms held upon the Earth, for all beings. 

As you stretch and liberate your Heart, you leave your legacy. 

You grant yourself permission to choose a life of free-flowing Love, rather than contraction and fear. 

Think about that for a moment.

How you choose to live right now is the legacy you leave behind.

How do you wish to live ~ from a whole heart or a wounded heart?

To access your Honey, you need a Hive and your own Willingness.

A community of sisters, working alongside you, with their vulnerabilities and their pains, their dreams and visions, all devoted to live as a more integrated and expressed version of self. 

And a Mentor, reflecting your most significant and beautiful parts that have been shadow-banned or forgotten, so that you can live the Majesty of your Life.


 Feeling open and energetic, allowing your Loving to be a priority in every aspect of your life.

⬢ Creating programs / trainings / healing from a cup that overflows and from inspiration pouring through you.

⬢ Expansiveness of your own self - shifting from “just okay” and “just enough” into Flow and Ease.

⬢ Finding pauses to self-regulate and feel your emotions without avoiding or exiling them.

⬢ Allowing expression of your joy, play, devotions, intelligence, warmth, generosity... there is space for all of you.  

 ⬢ Receiving without guilt, and fully knowing that you becoming financially wealthy means that there will be more reciprocity and healing, for all.

Our Honey in the Heart Journey

Honey Temple 1

The Matrix of the Heart


Bee Shamans and Melissae Priestesses

The Intelligence of Your Heart as a Path of Belonging

Uncovering the Frequency of the Heart and Re-aligning with this


Honey Temple 2

Shadow Work & Family Mending


Excavating Colonized + Familial Limiting Beliefs

Understanding how your trauma imprints are blocking your Blueprint

Understanding how your Childhood Systems of Safety affect your present life


Honey Temple 3

The Great Mothers & Reclaiming Power


The Mother Archetype and your Sovereign Choice

Discerning your Holy Rage and Grief

Accessing the sting of the Honeybee for Boundaries that foster Self-Preservation


Honey Temple 4

Honey Hive Mentorship


In Sister Council, you receive 1:1 Mentorship to support the repair of your unique Soul journey.

In Nature, the Hive produces the honey, and so too in our Sisterhood.

Honey Temple 5

Living as a Being of Eros

Mary Magdalene and the Womb-Heart Mysteries

The Art of Prophecy and Life-Giving Connection

Sisterhood of the Bees for Magick-Making


Honey Temple 6

She Who Flowers


Allowing your Honey to be the Elixir of Vitality that attracts clients and income

Claiming who you Be as a Love Emissary through you Soul Work

Stepping into a Matrix of Sacred Feminine Leadership

Offering Your Heart as Sacred Service

With Honey in the Heart, you will move from overwhelm, doubting yourself, and feeling at the mercy of self-judgement to accepting who you are, shifting into wholeness, and moving forward with a deeper trust than ever before.

This is the place where your desires become your reality as you live from the Honey in your Heart.

What's Included:

* 6 Honey Devotional Temples (Lifetime Access to Recordings)

*Additional Audio Meditations + Pdfs
 * Private Online Sisterhood Hive

* Honey in the Heart Playlist

This invitation is open to all women across the globe who are looking to tend to and nourish their Heartspace, connect with Gaia, and expand their Service, through the depths of their Loving.

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