Tools and Practices for the Energetic and Spiritual Thriving of your Business




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Your business is an extension of your Spiritual Devotions.

And so it needs to be set up with strong energetic and spiritual tools.

Entrepreneurs offer focus solely on Strategy, Marketing, and Systems to achieve financial growth. Sometimes this extends to include focusing on limiting beliefs and worthiness especially when it comes to Money and Leadership.  All of that is important.

And yet, what gets overlooked is the energetics and spirituality of your Business. The Blueprint of your Business.

And this is the foundation. Everything begins in the realms of Spirit and Energy.

So many women follow all the patriarchal (mostly white-dominated) business teachings and find they are experiencing financial plateaus, are challenged having consistent enrollments in programs, or feel like they are creating tons of content without any reciprocity in terms of new clients or referrals.  

Your Business has an Energetic and Spiritual Blueprint that is essential to partner with. Without this, you are not anchored into the Unseen and you are actually forgoing Magick and Abundance that needs these forces to Manifest.

If you want your clients and students to feel the magnitude of your containers…

If you want to attract ideal, mature and willing clients….

If you want to manifest specific income goals….

If you want your clients and students to feel safe when diving into the depths with you….


2 Day Live Blueprint Event Includes:


 hours of Specific Energetic and Spiritual Practices for your Business. This includes tools & techniques that have quadrupled my income and that I consistently use to launch and fill programs, meet specific financial goals, and preserve the integrity of my programs

Guided Meditation to Partner with your Business Blueprint and work with the Inherent Energetics

Q&A at the end of day 2, so that you leave ready to access your Business Blueprint

Blueprint Playlist

We begin on Dec 7th  with the Full Moon in Gemini and Venus crossing the Galactic Center. You are brought into the void, the great Dreaming Realms that will birth or re-ignite your connection to your Business Blueprint. Continuing on Dec 8th, you will harness the archetypal Mother energies present to nourish and bless your Business and your Business growth.


Blueprint is $150!