Priestess Pilgrimage

July 14 – July 24, 2023

Beloved One,

I invite you on a deep and profound Sojourn of Remembrance to the lands of Avalon. The lands of your Soul, of your Heart, of your Wombspace.

Avalon and the entire landscape (including the Gods, Goddesses, Dragons, Faeries, and Elementals) of this Holy Isle is calling you Home. Perhaps she has been revealing herself to you in your dreamspace or in synchronicities in your life. Magick seems to arrive when Avalon beckons you back to the lands of your spiritual lineage.


The Mists will recede and welcome you to the Holy Isle of Ynys Afallach. This is the pilgrims journey – to walk the lands, receiving what is essential at this time, and then to bring these wisdoms and remembering home to your family and community. Your sacred work in the world will amplify from this experience. You, as a seed of Light, are essential for respectfully returning Avalon’s Wisdom into the world.

Join us as we each re-member ourselves, Whole and Holy, Pure and Embodied.

Space is limited to 13 women.

Our Pilgrimage Together

Avalon is a Star Temple where the Masculine and Feminine Commune in Sacred Marriage.

It is a sacred and crystalline vortex where all timelines and dimensions converge to create a unified field of Love and Truth, within and without. Avalon will show you the next step on your path and will reveal to you the path of your Leadership.

Remember that Avalon has chosen to cloak herself as an act of preservation. She is calling you because there is a unique expansion and expression she wishes to offer to you.

Our time together will be a dive into and with the Great Mystery.


At each sacred site, you will receive insight, understanding, and activations that will set you free to walk your path of your Divine Blueprint. You will remember, in a way that is Soul familiar. Your Gnosis will return, strong, and clear.


Please plan to arrive either July 13th or early enough on July 14th that you have time to settle in at the Chalice Well.

Arrival July 14

2-3 pm Arrival & Snacks
4:30 pm Opening Circle
6:30 pm DINNER

Sample Daily Rhythm

8:30am/ 9am BREAKFAST
9:30 – 1 Sacred Site Walk & Meditation
1-2:30pm LUNCH
2:30-6:30pm Mystical Grail Adventures

*Please note, there may be slight changes in the Schedule as Mystery speaks.

Sacred Sites we will VISIT

&  Create Ritual

The Tor

Gog and Magog

Bridhi’s Mound

The Chalice Well Gardens,
including the Red Springs Well,
Gardens and King Arthur’s Pool

White Springs private access

The Magdalene Chapel

Private Access in Stonehenge

Avebury Standing Stones

Silbury Hill & West Kennet Long Barrow

Dion Fortune’s Grave

Holy Apple Orchard

Glastonbury Abbey and Michael
and Mary Ley Lines

2 Day Zodiac Walk with Astrological Birth Chart given


 "It is to this Avalon of the heart the pilgrims still go. Some in bands, knowing what they seek. Some alone, with the staff of vision in their hands, awaiting what may come to meet them on this holy ground. None go away as they came."


         -Dion Fortune

What's Included

Pre-Pilgrimage Sister Meet and Greet Call on Zoom

10 Nights at the Chalice Well in Glastonbury
Group entrance fees to all Sacred Sites
All Day Trips & Transport
All Meals
Post-Pilgrimage Integration Sister Call on Zoom

What's Not Included

Roundtrip Airfare to UK
Transport to and from Glastonbury

Sister Shares 


This pilgrimage is very intimate with space for 13 women.

Pilgrimage is $5000 and can be split into monthly payments.

Cancellation Policy: If you register and then cancel before May 1st, you will receive your entire tuition back minus $500 as a non-refundable deposit. If you cancel after May 1st, there are no tuition refunds.

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